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House Buying Guide

Whether you’re a first time buyer, or a more experienced homeowner looking to upgrade or downsize, buying and moving home can both be stressful experiences.

Here at Compendium Living, we want to make both buying and moving into your new home as easy as possible for you. Take the stress out of moving, and check out our home buying guide for some top moving house tips, on everything from getting organised for the big move to what happens after the sale is complete.

Reserving your home and exchanging contracts

Once you’ve paid your reservation fee, Compendium Living will keep your chosen home in your name for an agreed period of time.

If you find yourself unable to exchange contracts at the end of the agreed period, Compendium Living reserves the right to re-offer the home for sale to others.

Your mortgage

If you require a mortgage in order to purchase your new home, you’ll now need to make a formal application, based on the purchase price. If you haven’t already found a mortgage deal, our sales advisors can put you in touch with a financial advisor, who will help you find a mortgage that suits your personal circumstances.

When arranging your mortgage, don’t forget about buildings and contents insurance!

Finding a legal representative

From this point, you should ask a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to act on your behalf. Again, if you have not yet found a legal representative, Compendium Living can help you find a solicitor or conveyancer to act on your behalf. At this point, they may require you to pay search fees.

Personalising your home

Depending on your new home’s stage of construction, you’ll be able to personalise your home with our range of Home Choices, designed to make your house a home. You should let us know of your choices as soon as possible, to ensure we can accommodate your requests.

Exchange of contracts

The contracts will be exchanged within 28 days of the reservation date. At this stage, your solicitor or conveyancers will ask you to sign the contract, and pay the remaining balance on your deposit. Exchanging contracts is a legally binding agreement for both parties, and the sale must be followed through.

Exchanging contracts and completing the sale

Once the contracts have been exchanged, we’ll keep you up to date on when you can move into your brand new Compendium Living home!

You may be able to visit your new home during the construction process, by prior arrangement with the site manager.

Before your new home is decorated, you’ll be invited to look around with the site manager, giving you the chance to ask any questions you might have about the construction of your brand new home.

You will be invited to a demonstration of your new home, once it’s finished, where a member of the Compendium Living team will explain how everything in your new home works. You’ll also be given all the necessary documentation about your new home, including instruction manuals, warranties, emergency contact detail and certification from the National House Building Council (NHBC).

After the demonstration, a formal notice will be served on your solicitor, and legal completion will take place within the period specified on your contract. You should liaise with your legal representative, who will contact your mortgage lender to arrange a final survey of the property. You should have signed the mortgage and transfer deeds by this point.


It is your solicitor’s responsibility to handle the financial transactions of completion, and the transfer of funds should be completed as early in the day as possible. For legal reasons, you will not be able to move into your new home until the balance of monies has been received by Compendium Living.

When the funds have been transferred, you can meet your sales advisor at your new home to hand over the keys - you’re now the proud owner of your brand new home, and can move in at your leisure!

Things to do when moving home

There’s an awful lot to think about when planning the big move!

From hiring a removal firm to updating your address with the bank, don’t leave all those little jobs to the last minute. Take some of the stress out of planning your move, with our handy guide to things you’ll need to do when moving home.

Three weeks to go:

With three weeks until the big day, you’ll want to start preparing for it by arranging how you’re going to move all your belongings. You should also start thinking about life in your new place, and notify key people of your new address. With three weeks to go, the key things to do are:

  • Agree a date, time and price with a removal firm – or make alternative arrangements, whether that’s hiring a van yourself, or getting family and friends to pitch in with their cars and elbow grease.
  • Change your new address with your bank or building society, and change any standing orders or direct debits that will no longer be needed when you move home.
    • Make sure you don’t forget to change your address with anyone. You’ll may also need to contact:
      • Credit card companies
      • Schools
      • Doctor and dentist
      • Your employer
      • HRMC
      • Friends and family
      • DVLA
      • Council tax department
      • Insurance providers
      • TV licensing
      • Pension company
      • Magazine subscriptions
  • Call your gas and electricity providers, as well as phone and internet companies, to finalise your accounts.
  • Start packing up anything you won’t need for the next few weeks. Try to keep everything organised, by packing by room, clearly labelling each box you use.

Two weeks to go:

The move is getting closer! There’s still lots to do at this stage, and top of your list should be:

  • Keep packing up anything you won’t need before moving day – this will make the job much easier next week!
  • Start clearing out your cupboards, attic and basement, throwing out, recycling or giving to charity anything you don’t want to take with you.
  • Arrange your mail to be redirected to your new address.

One week to go:

With the big move just one week away, you don’t want to forget any tasks. Keep on top of everything for a stress- free final week with our checklist:

  • Make sure you know what you’re leaving behind, and remove any fixed objects not included.
  • Gather up all the keys for your home, and clearly label each of them for the new owners.
  • Defrost your fridge if you’re leaving it behind.
  • Finalise packing – remember to leave you things you’ll need up until moving day, including clothing, toiletries and food.
  • Deep clean your home and Hoover all the rooms.
  • Double check arrangements with your removal firm (or helpers!) and ensure you’ve arranged contents insurance for your new home.

On the day:

We bet the last few weeks have flown by. When it comes to moving, enjoy a hassle-free day with our tips:

  • Put together a moving day pack, with snacks, food and spare cash for emergencies
  • Turn off the central heating and all electrical appliances you’re leaving behind
  • Take a note of your gas, water and electricity meter readings

Post-completion customer care


Compendium Living will provide a two-year warranty on your new home, and all of our homes are also covered by the National House Building Council’s 10 year warranty. For further information, please read the NHBC booklet, Guide to Your New Home.

Our customer care department will always be on hand to offer you any advice or guidance you might need, and we enforce any warranties provided by manufacturers for the first year you’re in your new home.